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“To stretch or not?” that is the question.

There are many different types of stretching and over the years there have been different trends re:stretching.
As a practitioner with over 25 years experience I have been around before stretching became a feature of sport, I’ve gone through the fanatical stage when everything must be statically stretched, and […]


Fibromyalgia is one of the most well known and widely diagnosed types of chronic pain. When a person has long-term pain and tenderness throughout the musculoskeletal system in the entire body, they can get a diagnosis of fibromyalgia.


Although there is no known cause, we can associate the following with a diagnosis of fibromyalgia:

Stress – […]

Pilates in Kilkenny Pre Christmas 2017

Pilates in Kilkenny Christmas Term- Week Beginning 6th November
Kilkenny Classes – 085 7577842 / 056 7752258
Held in Kilkenny Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic Pilates Studio
Directions: 100m from McDonagh Junction / St John’s Church on Dublin rd., next door to AXA Insurance

Beginners 1 & 2 Monday 5.35pm
Sports Pilates Monday 6.45pm 5
Beginners 1 […]

Do Pilates work?

My answer to the question “Do Pilates work?” is quite simple – YES, and if you ask me What is Pilates? I’d have to say that to me the answer to that question is simple “Pilates is essential”.
30 years now I am working as a Chartered Physiotherapist and have encountered people with all types of […]

Plantar Fasciitis / Arch Pain – Treatment

What is Plantar Fasciitis and how do you treat it?

Plantar fasciitis refers to pain in the sole, arch and heel of the foot. There are a wide range of treatment approaches, but an in-depth assessment is essential to ensure you get the correct treatment.
The fascia is a strong band of connective tissue which links the […]

Flat Feet

Flat Feet in Children

Parents frequently present in our clinic with children who they believe have flat feet. In a lot of these cases the child has already been elsewhere and has either been given insoles or orthotics, or have bought an over the counter pair of insoles.
In a lot of these cases the child will […]

Growing Pains

What are Growing Pains?
Growing pains is the term often used to describe otherwise unexplained pains in children. These pains tend to present in the legs, either the back of the calves or shins, but occasionally will be felt in the back or front of the thigh or behind the knee.

They usually appear in the late […]

Post Graduate Training


2 Weekend courses on ultrasonic imaging for the purposes of biofeedback, with main emphasis on the recruitmant of the Core stability muscles – transversus abdominus and multividi – the main support system for the body.
Myofascial Trigger Point Dry Needling – studied through the David G Simons Academy of […]

Acute Muscle Strain or Ligament Strain

What to do after a Muscle Strain, Ligament Sprain or Sports Injury?
It’s every player’s worst nightmare,  a sudden sharp pain in the muscle or at a joint while playing sport. It often means a muscle strain or ligament strain.  The most important thing is to manage an acute injury properly, from the very start.

Immediately after every […]

Calf Strain

Pain in Calf
Calf pain is usually due to a calf strain, cramp or tightness due to overuse of the calf muscle. so when someone presents in our clinic with calf pain we ask a number of questions and do a detailed assessment to determine the cause of the pain, the underlying reason why it occured and also to outrule any […]