Experience with Sports Injuries

Pitch side Physiotherapy

Pitch side Physiotherapy

Since we opened in 1994 we have been involved with many sporting bodies within and around Kilkenny, from local sports clubs the county GAA at all levels including the Senior team, football and even the development squads, the NIHE which looks after Ireland’s elite athletes, basketball, athletic clubs, boxing clubs etc.

During this time we have treated all nature of sporting injuries, from the onset of an acute injury right through to full rehabilitation and return to sport. From here we have developed the scope of our practice to include many injury prevention regimes.


A lot of debate has raged over recent years about whether or not it is correct to do static stratching. One thing for certain is that any static stretches should be carried out in a safe and effective manner, and that harmful stretches, of which there are many, should be avoided. Click here for more information on stretching.

Recurrent Sports Injuries

Hamstrings, groins, shin splints, achilles tendonitis, calf strains, runner’s knee, foot pain, low back pain etc.

physio treatmentNiggling Hamstring pain and groin pain plague many athletes year in and year out. Many of our clients have reported pulling their hamstrings a few times in one season, and we have had reports of up to 20 or 30 hamstring strains in one person’s sporting career.

We specialise in interrupting this repetitive injury cycle. Through thorough assessment with detailed analysis of movement, movement control, muscle strength, flexibility, functional stability and the impact of overuse and underuse of specific muscle groups we can accurately determine the cause of your specific repetitive injury.

We do not use machines to do this, we use experience, and this experience is shared with all members of our team to ensure we get to the root of your problem.

Once we ascertain the nature of the problem we will offer local treatment to relieve you of your P1110353-001current symptoms, and an extensive home exercise programme to help correct the cause of the problem. During this corrective stage you may continue playing sport but still avail of our therapeutic input to help release the tight muscles and stimulate the weak ones. All exercises will be monitored until we are all satisfied that your problem has been rectified.

During this phase you will probably participate in one of our group rehabilitation classes such as the back class, core strengthening classes, Exercise rehab classes or pilates.

Lower leg Problems such as achilles tendonitis, foot pain, knee pain and calf pain may occur as a result of poor biomechanics (foot position) or indeed may be largely due to poor mobility around the pelvic girdle and/or poor core stability. In assessing these conditions we will look at the bigger picture and attempt to sort out the main underlying cause of your problem as well as the presenting symptoms.

This is achieved by doing an in depth biomechanical assessment to ascertain exactly what biomechanical issues may be causing your problem. We then put together a logical scenario to explain your problems, a structured treatment approach and a follow up plan.