Pilates in Kilkenny

Pilates in Kilkenny started back on 05/11/2018. Classes run for 7 wks for €90 in Kilkenny. Click to book.

Beginners / Improvers Pilates in Kilkenny

  • Monday       5.35pm    Beginner & Improver
  • Tuesday       8.05pm   Improver & Beginner
  • Wednesday 1.05pm    Express class (lunchtime)
  • Wednesday 8.05pm   Beginner
  • Thursday     8.05pm   Beginner
  • Friday          9.15am     Beginner & Improver

Beginners Pilates in Clontubrid, Freshford.

  • Tuesday    11.00am    Beginner & Improver
  • Thursday  8.05pm     Beginner
  • Friday       9.00am      Beginner & Improver

Intermediate Pilates in Kilkenny

  • Thursday    7.00pm     Intermediate Pilates in Kilkenny

Intermediate Pilates in Clontubrid, Freshford.

  • Wednesday 7.30pm     Intermediate pilates class in Clontubrid, Freshford

Rehab, Sports, Children & Teen Pilates Classes in Kilkenny

  • Teenage Pilates  Monday 4.30pm
  • Sports Pilates     Monday 6.45pm
  • Rehab Pilates     Monday 2.30pm – suitable for people with neurological or mobility issues

Pregnancy & Post Natal Pilates in Kilkenny 

  • Pregnancy Pilates (Ante Natal): Tuesday 7.00pm
  • Pregnancy Pilates (Ante Natal): Thursday 6.00pm
  • Post Natal Pilates (bring baby): Friday 10.15am (stay for a cuppa and a chat after)
  • NOT on this term – Post Natal Pilates (bring baby): Monday 10.15am (stay for a cuppa and a chat after)

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Beginners Pilates Classes

Pilates in Kilkenny

beginner pilates in Kilkenny

Beginner pilates classes are suitable for those who have a little or no Pilates experience. For this reason, these classes help you perfect the Pilates technique to ensure safe exercising. As well as this, you will start to strengthen your deep core muscles, gluts and all of your postural muscles.

Classes taught by a chartered Physiotherapist, who is also a Stott or APPI Certified Pilates Instructor ensure that you are being taught correctly and safely

Improver Pilates Classes

Shoulder bridge pilates exercises in Kilkenny

Improver pilates in Kilkenny Physio Clinic

Improver Pilates classes are suitable for those who have completed a few courses of pilates and have a grasp of the concept. They are used to perfect your technique and so enhance your core strength.

While many people feel they should move on to Intermediate pilates and do harder exercises, because we feel the technique must be perfect, or at the least, very good, we want you to stay in beginners and improvers and work on your technique.

In this class our instructors cleverly modify the exercises to meet the needs of each individual in the pilates class.

Intermediate Pilates Classes

Intermediate Pilates in Kilkenny

Intermediate pilates Rollover exercise in Kilkenny Physio & Sports Injury Clinic

Intermediate Pilates are suitable for those who are competent and have completed many pilates classes. They move at a higher pace than all other classes and require a substantial degree of core strength.

We get many people who want to join our Intermediate class, but because we are Chartered Physiotherapists, we must ensure your safety first, and so request you do at least a few classes of beginner or improver classes with us before moving on to Intermediate level. Often people, who have done other classes, have not grasped all of basic principles of pilates, they frequently overuse their neck muscles, fail to engage their core correctly, and are unable to maintain their spine in neutral throughout exercise routines, and so we prefer to monitor this to avoid risk of injury before joining an Intermediate class.

Sports Pilates Classes

sports pilates in Kilkenny

Running technique in Sports Pilates in Kilkenny

Sports Pilates Classes in Kilkenny Physio Clinic are designed for sports people who wish to improve their deep core strength. The aim of the class is to improve performance and prevent injury.

Core strength, Strength and conditioning, Pre season training, these are all the buzz words thrown around in the sporting world, and while all are good, frequently the techniques used leave a lot to be desired. Often sports clubs or people are given one or two sessions to introduce them to a set of exercises supposedly designed to strengthen their core. They are then left to their own devices, and whether or not they are actually engaging the core is anyone’s guess.

In our sports classes the Physiotherapist ensures that the technique is perfect, and these classes lay the foundations for really effective core programmes.

Ante Natal and Post Natal Pilates Classes

prenatal pilates

improve your pregnancy in Kilkenny prenatal pilates

Antenatal and Post natal Pilates classes in Kilkenny Physiotherapy are some of our most popular classes. Pregnant women and new mums generally know that they need to exercise safely, and so seek Physiotherapist lead classes to ensure the health of themselves and their babies.

Our classes are peppered with useful titbits of information which mother’s to be find really useful. Tips on protecting their back, avoiding groin pain, what to do when they get pain referral to the legs, when the ankles swell or when there is a risk of pubic symphysis dysfunction.

Our post natal pilates are particularly popular because you can bring your baby along, there is no pressure if the baby cries or you need to feed, and there is plenty of support. There’s also a cup of tea and a chat at the end, which is what every mum needs when you have a new baby.

As all of our instructors are Chartered Physiotherapists, you can be guaranteed that the instruction will be excellent, thorough and safe.

Directions to our Pilates studios.